What is Detailing?

Detailing is a far cry from a quick wash or valet to remove dirt from your vehicle; it is the process of safely cleaning, cleansing and protecting, which can also be taken to the next level by adding more gloss or fully correcting paintwork.


Poor washing and drying techniques result in damage to the delicate surface of the paint, this can easily be seen by the naked eye as Swirl Marks, Light Scratches and sometimes Holograming. Your vehicle is an investment and lack of proper care will add to its depreciation. Caring and protecting the condition and overall aesthetics is just as important as a comprehensive service history when it comes to its residual value.


What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the process of removing swirl marks, minor scratches and other common defects such as Bird Etching.


We begin our detailing process by safely washing and drying the vehicle to ensure no further damage is caused to the paintwork. The paint is then cleansed of all bonded contaminants such as industrial fall out and tar spots.


Once this is completed the paintwork is then inspected using high powered light sources which clearly show any paint defects as would be seen in direct sunlight.


Paint depth readings are then taken before a 1-3 stage correction process is performed using a machine polisher. This process is used methodically over each panel of the vehicle to remove a small amount of paint, re-levelling the paint surface thus removing any visible defects. This is a skilled process that provides a glossy wet look to the paintwork that has taken many years of practise to perfect.


What is Paint Protection?

Once cleaned and polished, it is very important that the delicate paint is then protected against the elements. This will ensure the long term quality of the finish is preserved. protection comes in the form of carnauba waxes or synthetic polymer sealants and maybe defined as an invisible protective barrier that adheres to the prepared paint surface, this shields it against everyday grime such as industrial fall out, bird droppings and UV Radiation, thus ensuring the look of your vehicle is truly definitive.


We are happy to discuss both washing techniques and also product selection to help maintain the correction, alternatively we can arrange for your vehicle to be on one of our Definitive Maintenance Packages tailor made to your own unique specification.

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